Featuring Help

What is a featured listing?

A new listing feature to allow landlords to “showcase” their ad and to help it to gain more exposure.

A featured listing is placed in a random rotation with all other featured listings displayed before any other ads, within the search criteria.

How do I feature my listing?

When creating a new listing or renewing an existing listing, simply specify the number of days that you would like your listing to be featured in the Days Featured box. Your listing will then be featured for that many days starting the day it is approved.

What will it cost to feature my listing?

$1 per day featured. You will still pay the initial or extension listing fee and then the $1 per day charge for the featured listing on top of that regardless of whether it is a new listing or an extension.

How many times will my ad be featured?

This will be dependant on a number of things. How many listings are featured during that time, what searches the students are inputting and the number of times the website is visited.