What is Home-Away-From-Home?

With so many international and exchange students looking for housing we launched a new program. Home-Away-From-Home combines the convenience of a home stay program with the ease of using the off-campus housing site to advertise accommodation and connect with students.

Who can participate?

  • Landlords interested in hosting students
  • International or exchange students looking for housing

What do I need to do?

  • Submit a listing with your rental details

Advertising options:

  • One (1) listing is $25 for 30 days.
  • For added value, if you purchase additional periods with your initial listing, each additional period (30 days) will be $10.
  • Your posting will be seen more frequently as it will be seen by all students, not just those interested in the program

Payment options:

  • You can indicate online how you will pay when you submit your listing
  • You can pay online by using your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Amex)
  • Mail in a cheque
  • Come by the office and make your payment (cheque, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX, debit)

How does the program work?

Unlike a typical home stay program, we don't match students with host families. Instead, students will have to contact the HAFH participants to make housing arrangements. Students do not make payments to our office. They make rental payments directly to the host family.

If a match is unsuccessful, it will be up to the student and host family to work out any problems. Setting clear guidelines or expectations from the beginning will help ensure a smooth transition and avoid unnecessary conflict.